When Should You Start to See Improvements from SEO?

SEO results improvements


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One of the most important things to realise about SEO is that it’s not all about keywords any more. There was a time when this was the case. You researched your keywords, you put them to use and you waited for the results. The results you were looking for were improvements in your search engine rankings and an increase in traffic to your website.

Things have now changed significantly. Keyword research is still a part of SEO, but long tail searches are becoming more popular, thanks to increased searching awareness and the use of voice search. SEO results cannot just be measured in rankings any longer. You need to measure improvements in leads and sales instead. This being the case, you cannot expect any instant success, when it comes to SEO. It takes time to see improvements. When it comes to SEO optimization, patience is decisive. That is why you should put your trust upon experts capable of leading you throughout the way. For instance, looking for SEO Surrey based agencies could be a good starting point.

Here is the kind of timeframe you could be looking at.

In the beginning

Research and examination are at the start of any SEO project. You need to examine your website as it is and look at changes which need to be made.

At this point you should also begin to formulate a keyword strategy. It can be difficult to analyse your own web presence, so you may want to bring SEO experts onboard from the start, to help with your SEO project, and ongoing performance. Take a look at this link for more information.

The first couple of months

Once you know what work needs to be done, in order to overhaul your website, you need to get started. At this point you can also begin creating additional, SEO optimised, content. Work on the link profile should also begin.

At this point, it’s too early to expect to see improvements in your leads or sales, as the ground work is still ongoing.

When results start to show

You will probably start to see some improvements from the third or fourth month onwards. This does not mean you should expect to be inundated with new leads, or that your profits will soar. SEO takes time to produce really significant results. Major improvements will usually be noted when you have been concentrating on SEO for around twelve months.

One of the most important things to remember is that SEO is not a one off task. You may run a project to overhaul your website; but, once this is done you need to continue working on your SEO. You should formulate a social media strategy, to ensure that you optimise your SEO potential by encouraging the sharing of your content. You also need to have analytics in place, so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your SEO, and make changes where necessary.

You can see that SEO is not a magic spell that can increase your leads and sales immediately. It takes time and effort for you to be able to see genuine, and significant, improvements.

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