The 5 Most Common SEO Marketing Mistakes

seo marketing mistakes

marketing planOptimizing your website for search engine traffic is always a challenge – as strategies change be sure to not make these common SEO mistakes

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. It is a great way to bring traffic to your website, then turn that traffic into leads and, ultimately, sales. The thing about SEO is that it isn’t static. It is always changing, and it can be difficult to stay on top of all the latest techniques of optimization.

When it comes to staying on top of things, you will need a professional SEO company like Smart Street Media. However, there are things you can start doing yourself to improve your SEO situation. One of these is to avoid the most common SEO mistakes that businesses make. Here are five to avoid.

1. Optimizing for the Wrong Keywords

There are certain keywords you want to rank your website for, and those are the ones you will optimize for. The question is whether they are the right keywords to optimize for in the first place.

Many businesses neglect long-tail keywords when they are doing keyword optimization for their websites. However, many users prefer these keywords when searching.

Do your research carefully and figure out which keywords your potential customers are using when performing their searches. Sometimes single-word keywords can be too generic or mean something else entirely to the user. Besides, long-tail keywords tend to have less competition than single-word keywords.

2. Creating Content That Is Irrelevant to Keywords

seo keywords

This is another very common mistake among businesses. You may want to rank for a given keyword, but if you don’t focus on the target topics of that keyword, your content won’t be very relevant to the users that search for that keyword. It won’t answer their questions.

When writing content, don’t try to do too much at once. To create high-quality content, try to answer the very specific question that the users are asking when searching for a keyword. That way, your content will be relevant, and your ranking will increase.

3. Not Paying Attention to Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

The title tag and meta description are just as important as the keywords for your SEO. You want them to be optimized, not just for the search engines, but also for the users that find your page in search engine results pages. You should also not abandon the alt-text in your images. These will provide valuable information to search engine crawlers, as they cannot see your images and will rely on the alt-text to know what they are about.

4. Not Structuring Your Internal Links Well

seo internal links

Your internal links are just as important as external ones for your SEO. Naturally, some pages will be more popular than others, and you want to include links to these pages in your content. You should, however, make sure they are relevant and not include them just for the sake of it.

5. Not Investing in a Mobile-friendly Site

Part of SEO is making sure your visitors have a great experience when they come to your website. With Google’s mobile-first approach, you should make sure your mobile users have a great experience on your site if you want to be treated favorably by Google and other search engines. Consider things like the responsiveness of your site, page loading speed, image file sizes and so on. All of these should be just right to enhance the experience for your mobile users.

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