How the Right Environment Can Improve Productivity

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marketing plan templateIncorporating small changes in your work environment can produce big productivity changes for your small business employees


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Working in an uninspiring office, that isn’t set up in a way that helps with modern ways of working, can have a huge impact on the quality of work and level of productivity amongst a team.

The right environment can create working conditions which are much more positive, driving improved morale, team interaction and productivity.

But how do you make sure any changes to your workspace are the right ones?

Properly designed

One of your first stops in revitalising your workspace should be enlisting professional help. There are many businesses that specialise in interior design and maximising on the potential of workspaces, such as office design specialists

Professional design help can help to steer your decision making in directions you might not have expected. This might involve looking at the sort of work you do, your methods and practices, then suggesting spaces that make this more effective.

For instance, you might need more collaborative areas and breakout spaces for creative planning and brainstorming sessions. Or you might find that office needs more walls and sound dampening areas to cut down a lot of the noise from an open plan area that can become distracting.

Talk to staff

Before meeting with a designer, it might be worthwhile talking to your staff. Find out what difficulties they have, and what changes to the workspace might help make them much more productive.

You might find that a lot of your workspaces are not particularly well suited to specific roles. Groups that need to collaborate might lack the space and equipment to do so effectively.

This gives you something to bring to the attention of the design team, an issue that they can then help you to resolve, for example by creating a work café instead of a larger staff room. Somewhere that outside of lunchtime can function as a meeting space where staff can collaborate without disturbing others.

Represent your brand

Your office space should represent your business, the right colour scheme and styling can underpin what your brand is all about. Not only that, it can help staff to feel more motivated by being in a nice environment that reemphasises the values of their business.
The right colour scheme, furniture and equipment can all play a part in showcasing what’s important about your brand.

For instance, a reception area, decked out in your brand colours helps to show visitors the pride you take in your work. Or making the choice to include equipment like interactive whiteboards and screens in your meeting rooms helps to show staff that you value their input and ideas, which can in turn improve the quality of any collaborative work.

Make your workspace adaptable

Keep in mind that everyone will work differently. Having a workspace that is adaptable means you can help staff to work in the ways best suited to getting the best performance out of them on an individual level.

Your workspaces should be designed to help your teams work in the ways that are the most suitable for them. Being able to work somewhere that can be adapted to suit the needs of individual staff members can help to improve productivity.

From hotdesking, to quiet working areas and breakout rooms for impromptu meetings, your workspace should contain a range of versatile spaces that allow staff to adapt to the tasks they are trying to complete.

Getting your office design right, from colour and styling to the usage of space and the equipment you utilise can have a tremendous effect on how well your staff work, both as individuals and in groups.

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